Urban Arts Day

Bagesti @Urban Arts Day 2017

Adriana Subasic @Urban Arts Day 2017

Collectif Dancehall @Urban Arts Day 2017

Tamara Mancini_Bounce Urban @Urban Arts Day 2017

Aceko @Urban Arts Day 2017

Urban Arts Day was memorable ! 

We are so grateful to everyone who took part to this event ! Thanks to FYAA, Nouveau Monde and Ancienne Gare Café for the organisation, to all the students and teachers of Mastazz Dance&Co for your hard work, to all the artists and musicians who put such a good vibe during the whole afternoon and last but not least all the dancers from every parts of Switzerland for sharing your vision of dance and community with us ! This event just confirmed us how talented and amazing is our swiss dance community ! We can’t wait to go further and better with you guys !

Filmé et édité par Flavio Sanchez